Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024- According to Upwork

Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024

Here’s the Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024, Upwork, a large freelance marketplace, frequently monitors the most popular talents and specialties on its platform. Data analytics, social media marketing and accounting are among the Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024, according to the company’s 2024 study.

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The platform divides these abilities into categories including coding, sales, customer service and administrative support. This year, Upwork highlighted its top five in-demand customer service and administration support jobs, emphasizing roles such as;

Here’s the List of Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024:

01- General Virtual Assistant (GVA):

“Imagine how much better everyone’s life would be if they had a virtual assistant to aid with email, calendar management, and presentation design”, Lilani says. General virtual assistants undertake this type of administrative work, which explains why they are in high demand.

Their work varies greatly, with some focusing on social networking or solutions such as Microsoft Copilot. If you choose to go that route, Lilani continues, “But the generalist nature allows them to be nimble”.

A bachelor’s degree is not required for working as a virtual assistant. On Upwork, typical virtual assistants can charge up to $65 per hour.

02- Digital Project Management:

A digital project manager is frequently hired by a firm to revamp its website or launch a new branding campaign. According to Lilani, “that project manager will keep that digital project on track”. She says “They’re going to deliver on time and at the quality that they promised their clients”, adding that they’ll also manage schedules and scope.

Many of these positions demand a bachelor’s degree and some work experience. Digital project managers may earn up to $200 per hour.

03- Data Entry Operator:

This ability is all about editing existing records or entering data into applications such as Microsoft Excel. While it might be time-consuming, it is necessary for many business activities, such as application and customer monitoring systems.

Many careers require nothing more than a high school diploma. Upwork data entry professionals charge up to $100 per hour.

04- Dropshipping & Order Processing:

As e-commerce grows, Dropshipping professionals help sellers manage their online storefronts without having to retain inventory. They undertake activities such as website design and accountancy, which are critical for sustaining a successful online presence.

Users that drop ship on Upwork may charge up to $250 per hour.

05- General Research Services (GRS):

Researchers are crucial in acquiring and analyzing data to answer corporate problems. They assist businesses in gaining insights from data, needing expertise ranging from general knowledge to specialized industries.

General Researchers on Upwork charge up to $175 per hour and frequently require bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees.


Overall, Upwork insights into the Top 5 in Demand Work Skills in 2024 reflect changing market demands, providing opportunities for freelancers to capitalize on specialized expertise in a variety of industries.

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