Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024- The Beginners Guide

Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024

Here’s the Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024, if you’re a writer trying to bolster your income, Medium can help you in making some extra money. Over time, Medium, a well-known online publishing platform, has attracted increasing amounts of attention.

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Medium is an ideal platform for authors to express their thoughts and earn money at the same time because of its user-friendly design and large community of writers and readers. You can Earn Money through Medium by Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024.

Today, in this article we will explore the Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024. If you wants to Make Money Online through writing on Medium, you should follow the below given strategies to achieve your financial goals. Here’s the Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024.

Best Ways to Make Money on Medium in 2024:

01- Write Quality Content:

Writing great material that connects with your audience is the first step to earning money on Medium. Take your time, do your homework and give your readers something of worth. Your work is more likely to be shared and make money if it is of higher quality.

Building a strong online presence requires producing high-quality material, whether you’re blogging, making videos, or posting on sites like Medium. Remarkable content is what draws readers in, encourages them to return for more and encourages them to recommend your work to others.

02- Join the Medium Partner Program:

Writers may get paid for their work through joining the Medium Partner Program. You will receive a percentage of the money that members spend reading your tales. Your material will bring in more money the more interesting and well-liked it is.

Through the Medium Partner Program, authors may split earnings according on how many Medium members interact with their pieces. All articles on the Medium platform are accessible to users at no cost, with a $5 monthly subscription.

Creating a Medium account and completing the application are prerequisites for joining the Medium Partner Program. You may immediately begin making money off of your material after being approved into the program.

03- Publish Articles Consistently:

The secret to generating money on Medium is consistency. To keep your readers interested and coming back for more, try to produce at least one item per week. One of the most crucial elements of developing a successful writing career is publishing regularly, whether your work is published on Medium or another site.

04- Build your Audience & Target Them:

To make money on Medium, you must grow your following. Engaging with readers in the comments area and promoting your content on social media are two ways you may accomplish this. You will make more money if you have more followers.

Write material that speaks to the interests of your target audience by getting to know them. You may learn more about your readers’ interests and who is reading your articles by utilizing Medium’s statistics and analytics.

05- Make a Newsletter:

Keeping up with your readers and increasing traffic to your Medium posts may both be accomplished by creating a newsletter? Creating an email list and sending out weekly newsletters with links to your most recent articles may be done with the help of programs like Mailchimp.

You may interact with your readers more deeply and offer them access to unique information and insights by starting a newsletter. A newsletter may help you expand your following and improve your success as a Medium writer with a carefully thought-out content strategy and regular publication schedule.

06- Collaborate with other Writers:

You may reach a larger audience and increase your earnings by working with other writers. Together, you may produce podcasts, articles or even a collaborative newsletter. Together, you may make the most of each other’s abilities and expertise to produce something genuinely original.

Working together with other authors on Medium may be a fulfilling experience that will increase the size of your readership and inspire fresh ideas for your work. You may produce worthwhile material that connects with your readers and enhances your reputation on the platform by setting expectations, promoting your partnership across platforms and sharing knowledge.


You may accomplish your financial objectives and develop a lucrative writing profession on Medium by paying attention to these pointers. While these tactics demand time, effort and commitment, they may assist you in making money off of your Medium writing and helping your readers while doing so.

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