Get Paid to Read Books in 2024- Top 10 Sites

Get Paid to Read Books in 2024

Today’s Get Paid to Read Books in 2024, did you realize that reading books may earn you money? Yes, you can earn money doing something that you probably already like and do every day. Imagine getting paid to do what you love most, reading books. While it may sound too good to be true, in 2024, this dream can become a reality.

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Many individuals find that the greatest way to pass the time is to snuggle up with a good book. You might not have thought to use your passion of reading as a source of money, though. Numerous websites offer rewards for reading, reviewing and even recording books.

Can I Get Paid to Read Books in 2024? The answer is yes. There are people who are paid to read books on a full-time basis, but it’s also a possibility if you’re just searching for a method to supplement your current income to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024.

Keep in mind that there is typically more to the agreement than just reading the book when searching for businesses that will pay you to read books. Some businesses will want quick reviews to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024.

Others may like longer pieces. You may use your phone to earn money by recording yourself reading books for companies that turn them into audiobooks.

Today, in this article I will explore the details of how to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024 and some legit websites, that will pay you to read books and also explore the advantages of reading books.

Top 10 Sites to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024:

The list below includes the most well-known websites that I was able to uncover, however there are many more that will provide you paid or free books to review.  Joining these services to read books for money won’t make you rich, but it may be a way to supplement your income while engaging in your interest.

01- ACX:

Have a wonderful voice and a love for audiobooks? Professional narrators and producers of audiobooks have the chance to make money by working with established writers who require a narrator for their book through ACX.

To finish and polish your audio recording, you might engage the aid of additional studio experts. Once the audiobook is released, you’ll be paid, or you’ll earn continuous compensation equivalent to 50% of the royalties from sales.

How to Apply?

To get started, go to the ACX website and establish a profile. Upload a few examples of your voice acting using different dialects, genres and styles. If you are selected by an author or rights holder, you will record an audition by reading a portion of their text for a few minutes.

02- Online Book Club:

Utilizing Online Book Club You gets the books for free and then you give a review. According to the website, future reviews pay from $5 to $60, but your initial review won’t be compensated in cash to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024.

How to Apply?

You are not required to submit an application or have published book review examples, unlike many other online review platforms.

03- Kirkus Reviews:

A widely regarded website that evaluates books in many genres and media is Kirkus Review.  For their Kirkus Indie section, Kirkus Media is searching for authors to review books in both English and Spanish. Two weeks after you are instructed to read a book, you must provide a 350-word review.

How to Apply?

To apply, send Kirkus Indie Editor David Rapp your CV and some writing examples at

04- The US Review of Books:

The US Review of Books, which distributes a monthly email of book reviews under the slogan “Professional Reviews for the People,” assists writers in spreading the word about their most recent works.

Reviewers should include a storyline summary and observations in between 250 and 300 words in their reviews. According to the site’s rules, reviews must be written with “heart and succinct writing,” without the use of first-person pronouns.

How to Apply?

Send your cover letter, two professional references and your CV to to apply.

05- Upwork:

One of the biggest online freelancing markets is Upwork, and among other freelance writing jobs, you can discover a ton of book review possibilities there. The customer and the particular project will determine the qualifications and needs.

Upwork is one of the better websites that will, tangentially, pay you to read books since it frequently can open the way to continued employment as a book reviewer.

How to Apply?

Register for a Freelancer account on the website, provide your resume and portfolio information. Next, look for employment and apply for the ones you desire. A customer will send you a contract if they wish to engage you.

06- Reedsy Discovery:

For reviews, Reedsy Discovery does not provide a set rate or even an hourly cost. Instead, it enables users to show their appreciation for reviews by giving them $1, $3 or $5.

Although writing reviews for Reedsy won’t make you rich, it’s an excellent method to polish your writing talents if you want to write reviews for bigger, more reputable websites like Kirkus Reviews.

How to Apply?

The Reedsy application procedure is simple. To make an account, all you need to submit is your email address and first and last name. Additionally, you’ll have the option of uploading an avatar.

07- Booklist:

The American Library Association includes Booklist. Its reviewers assist staff members at public and school libraries in selecting books for acquisition or recommendation to library users. Booklist refers to its reviews as “the haiku of book reviewing,” asking for 150–175 word summaries that outline the storyline, identify the book’s target readership and propose related works.

How to Apply?

You can send your application on their website.

08- Findaway Voices:

Similar to ACX, Findaway Voices lets authors select the narrators who will narrate their audiobooks. It provides a thorough manual with all the resources you need to be successful.

How to Apply?

Create a narrator profile first. To make it simple for writers to locate you, you’ll get a personalized URL. Then, post examples of your work, a bio, a cover photo and an avatar in addition to an audio introduction.

09- BookBrowse:

You may submit an application to review books on BookBrowse. Reading a variety of types of books may earn you money. Before applying, BookBrowse requires reviewers to provide acceptable quality samples that are at least 300 words long.

How to Apply?

The application procedure is simple and calls for sharing two excellent reviews, along with links to more reviews if you’d like and a brief bio.

10- Voices:

Voiceover artists can advertise their availability or search for gigs on the website Voices. According to the portal, more than 5,000 jobs are advertised each month. When a job is finished, your payment is promptly sent into PayPal.

How to Apply?

Create your profile and add work examples for free; there is no limit to the amount you may add. You will receive matching jobs if you choose the premium membership option.

Perks of Reading Books:

  • One of the most immediate perks of becoming a paid book reviewer is access to free books.
  • Some platforms offer monetary compensation for your reviews. While the pay may not make you rich, it can serve as a nice supplement to your income or fund your book-buying habit.
  • If you aspire to be an author, blogger, or influencer in the literary world, paid reading can help you establish an online presence.
  • By reviewing books from lesser-known authors, you play a crucial role in helping them gain recognition and reach a broader audience.


If you love to read and have a way with words, you may use your passion for reading and your skill set to make money reading books. The Top 10 Sites to Get Paid to Read Books in 2024 provide simple methods to get started.

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