5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

Here’s the 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly, A common present for birthdays and other occasions is a gift card. Since they are adaptable, the receiver has the option to utilize them anyway they see fit.

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Don’t allow unused gift cards expire or go to waste. At one of the many highly lucrative gift card exchanges, you may swap them for cash. Sometimes individuals just don’t get it right when it comes to presenting presents, whether it’s because of bad taste or utter inexperience.

You might be able to get some value from any old gift cards you have that are still valid. You may make a sizable sum of money if there is any money on those cards.

If you know that you won’t soon be in the vicinity of a Starbucks, Costco or Target and Walmart isn’t your style these days, you can quickly convert your digital money into real money at any of these top websites for selling gift cards online.

If you have gift cards and wants to Sell Gift Cards Online & turn into instant cash, then you reached on the right place. Today, in this article, I will explore the 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly and your gift cards would not expired or wasted through these 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly.

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly:

If you’re anything like me, the only thing that matters to me is obtaining the most money for my gift card. That much is expected, every gift card exchange charges selling fees or takes a fixed percentage 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly.

01- CardCash:

CardCash is the best platform we her you can exchange or sell your gift cards online. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location to exchange your gift cards for cash anyplace on the internet than this, which is possibly the simplest gift card exchange to use.

Simply enter the “Store Name” and “Balance” in the designated sections to sell your gift cards. Click “Get offer” to learn what you may earn after that. You might have to ship the actual card to CardCash’s postal address in order to get the money.

With CardCash, you can exchange gift cards for discounts at more than 1,300 merchants, including Starbucks, AMC Theatres, Walmart and several fast food chains. Through CardCash, you can either purchase or sell gift cards.

02- Raise:

Another website where you may sell gift cards for cash is Raise. You are not charged by the site to offer your gift card, but they will deduct 15% of your revenue. The remaining sum will appear in your PayPal account or be sent directly into your bank account.

The ability to sell partially used gift cards distinguishes Raise, the most well-known firm in the gift card industry, from many of its rivals.  That’s true; you may still sell the card’s remaining balance for a cash deposit even after you’ve charged money to it. The largest benefit of Raise helps to balance out its biggest drawback, no instant cash offer.

03- GiftCash:

GiftCash is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple way to quickly or virtually instantly sell gift cards for PayPal. First off, they provide some of the best retailers with an industry-leading 93% cash payment.

You may also convert your cash holdings to crypto currencies. Every card sold must have a minimum balance of $25, while some companies, like Apple and iTunes, have a $100 minimum. GiftCash is the best choice if you desire complete privacy during the entire transaction while still obtaining the maximum money for your gift card.

04- CardSell:

On the CardSell app, gift cards may be exchanged for PayPal cash. Share the pin and card number by downloading the app. You’ll get an offer if the employer confirms this information. You’ll get the cash as long as you accept the deal. Within around 48 hours, it ought to be sent to your PayPal account.

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05- ClipKard:

You may exchange gift cards for PayPal money via ClipKard. You’ll need to supply certain details, like the brand of the gift card, its balance right now, and the card number. You can then choose to accept or reject ClipKard’s offer.

Despite using snail mail, everything functions rather simply. You submit the actual card to ClipKard using the provided free pre-paid USPS label, and within 1 to 7 business days following balance verification, you will either get a PayPal deposit or a check in the mail.

Comparison between Top Gift Card Exchanges:

By seeing the below given table, you should compare the Top Gift Card Exchanges.


Selling Gift Cards Online for Instant Cash is not a big deal. When it comes down to it, our top priorities are your safety and getting you the most money for your card. Places like CardCash and GiftCash will better fit your needs if you want an immediate cash payment.

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